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Today I’ve been browsing the rmweb galleries and blogs and came across Tanis 1937 by Will Vale. Whilst that is pre-war German setting, it has given me some thoughts of what to do myself a little.

Something along similar lines perhaps, but with a post-war British setting.

Quite what setting and so on I’m not sure, but it seems about the right size for what I want to do perhaps.

Due to costs I suspect I’ll stick with OO. N is just too small for me and whilst I’ve worked in 1/48th before with aircraft, it would just be too big with my current abode and space therein.

So need to do some research and find suitable locations that might lend themselves to this. Ideally a Lightening on a dispersal pad ready to fly up to intercept a encroaching Russian Bear, but doubtful that any railway would of been near by for that to feature, although a diorama of such a scene is certainly one I wish to do at some point.



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