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Layout inspirations and layout ideas; Plus some scratchbuild ideas…

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Tomorrow sees Natalie and myself heading down to Taunton for the members day. Very much looking forward to it, will be first time I’ve been to one as well. Looking forward to seeing various items people have said they’re taking.

Recently I’ve been inspired a little to think of a very small format layout other than the Chilmark or Hilsea ideas that myself and Natalie are going to be working on.

I’ve come up with a few possibilities:

  • Some kind of small London Underground layout, using some of the EFE stuff and a yellow battery loco for other traffic, undecided on whether surface stock/deep tunnel or cut & cover, but something that does appeal as the layouts of similar scenarios at the Acton open days I’ve seen have been very pleasing to the eye personally.
  • Some kind of industrial layout, possibly narrow gauge. This partly inspired by Mr Nevard’s layouts of a similar theme and Claverton Engineering equally has inspired me.

There were a few other possibilities I came up with, but think the above are the most likely to keep my interest.

Other things I’ve been giving thought to recently having been creating a semi-scratch build Bulleid 4DD unit. Possible ways I’m thinking of are either self-etching or using plasticard or card to do the sides. The biggest hurdle being the curvature of the roof. More research is likely needed, but I shouldn’t have much issue getting hold of some plans I suspect. At present it is a bit of a ‘mad cap’ brain idea and may well be ages before I attempt any kind of build of such a unit.

One way I was thinking was using something like old Lima Mk1s as base donor vehicles and then making the sides and ends (and roof) on top of the floorpan and then changing bogies/under equipment. But again haven’t thought much of it in much detail yet.

Think I’ll leave it there as my brain is craving more Earl Grey!



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