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MOD Depot/Transfer shed planning

As well as the narrow gauge module, there will be the depot/transfer shed module.

A rough outline of which i’ve drawn below:

Attached Image

Unsure whether it will stay quite like that, I may take one of the storage sidings (with blast shields) out and the engine shed perhaps.

So things are starting to get an image forming of how things will be laid out I think. Still very rough atm, not sure really on what buildings would fit.

Then theres the selection of stock that will be needed. Need to do some research on this, but certainly Q1, Merchant Navy, West Country will featue as well as probably Maunsell and Bulleid coaching stock and warflats/warwells.

Need to think first what traffic might be seen going to or past the depot. Certainly high explosives and other munitions.

Considering having the depot as a storage/transfer location for military vehicles such as trucks and tanks to add extra traffic options.



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