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updates and so on

Not been posting on rmweb recently due to personal life issues (mainly health related). But have still been thinking about the plans I have with Natalie.

Finally got the 25W soldering iron at the weekend at DEMU Showcase for a better price than I could find online, so was happy, as had to cancel previous order as the site couldn’t get stock.

Also picked up a few books and a couple of magazines. So came away happy without spending too much.

So pretty much have most of the tools I think I need, with only an airbrush/compressor and paintbrushes missing really, which can be gotten another time.

After Showcase stopped by at Natalie’s and picked up a few items I’d left there (mostly loads of old humbrol paint tins, tools and so on) and some Dapol plastic kits, which will get me back to doing plastic kits in a simple small fashion. Then can do the parkside dundas CCT plywood kits I got the other month at some point.

Then it is onto thinking about getting a brass kit of somekind, am thinking one of the Judith Edge 0-4-0 or 0-6-0 shunters which should be usable on layout being planned. And even if not i’m not too worried as really want to get back to building kits. And the Judith Edge kits look both well put together, affordable and are supplied by very friendly people!

Will leave it there and get back to watching telly I think. Over the coming weeks hopefully I can manage to clear off some space in my ‘office’ to work at to start building some of the kits as well as seeing what I can salvage from the paints and the aircraft kits I also brought back with me (ones I made over 15 years ago and were left at Natalie’s gathering dust, which I don’t think came out too bad, but have suffered exterior damage).



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