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After having a rather busy last few weeks with DEMU Showcase and a DEMU airbrush/weathering meetup in Tamworth haven’t had much chance to sit and do anything at the newly cleared workbench alas.

However, conversations with Natalie have progressed on various aspects of both the Salisbury/Chilmark layout plans and possible subjects for the RMWeb 2011 Diorama Challenge.

My thinking now is to work on the Diorama and put the Salisbury/Chilmark idea on ice to some extent [plans are still being worked on, and it is still planned to happen] and continue researching it as it will be a longer term project I think, especially the exchange sidings/main line bit!

the Diorama will be a small, easy and simple way to get back into the hobby and both myself and Natalie have a few ideas we’re passing about between ourselves at present, some rather exciting.

As well as this, have been looking at Warship (Cl 42) details with the aim to update/detail an old Mainline model, and repaint it Maroon as D827 ‘ Kelly’, as the Salisbury/Chilmark idea can feature warships as a later period, allowed by the
ideas floating around about multi-eraness of the layout by having items such as buildings and signals removable (also to aid storage).

Am currently working way through photos taken at DEMU Showcase, so they should be on flickr soon.
DEMU Showcase photos on flickr


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