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Progress.. of sorts

Still recovering from Saturday, but a fantastic day it was! Photos are edited and online. Video to follow later.

Been discussing West Cromwell Road (name for 2011 Challenge entry) more with Natalie, so a finalised trackplan and arrangement has been worked out with the aid of old stock and track to get impression of what fits etc.

More work on track plan for the narrow gauge and standard gauge military layout, which is still without a name, continues also. I think the trackplan is almost sorted now, with a few minor details to figure out. Then it’ll be onto making some kind of start hopefully.

Have decided to get some Styrofoam to have a play with to see how it works for a base, will probably use it for the diorama initially and go from there.

As halfwit predicted my workbench didn’t stay tidy for long, especially as I came back from Natalie’s with yet another Mainline Warship that was found in the cupboard (that makes 3 blue D827s! and a green one)… Eventually the two here will end up both as D827, one in Maroon the other in blue with full yellow ends.

Also picked up a set of 3 Corgi cars, HA Viva, Ford Anglia and a Morris Minor.

[incidently the HA Viva is the same shade and style as what I used to drive several years back.]

Am tired and sore, especially after I slipped and fell down Natalie’s stairs Saturday evening!



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