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Thoughts on West Cromwell Road

So originally I planned to enter the diorama challenge with a Lillie Bridge inspired creation. It never came to be.

Instead I’m thinking of turning it into a small layout of its own as it really does tick some boxes for me.

Having grown up in SE London, all thing Southern and LU appeal to me.

I’m still doing the planning and so on with Natalie’s help, but think it a viable prospect, as long as I don’t go too crazy!

I’ll either post here, or over on

Plan is to model the shed, a couple of roads, a coal stage and a siding for an engineers train to be stabled. With maybe the electric card shed visible as part of the back scene/other side of the layout.

It shouldn’t need much in the way of stock initially either, which with my budget, is great. I have an old Mainline 57xx that should be possible to repaint and update as an LU tank, and may see what kits exist that might be possibly converted to other LU types?

There might also be LU stock, depending upon what the final plan ends up looking like.
Attached Image: lilliebridge.png

Above shows the sketch I did for the diorama challenge. That’ll form the basic plan I think.

Was thinking of using either a box file (might be too small) or an IKEA APA box.


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