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Old Airfix/Dapol kits, what to do with them?

So I have a small number of Dapol/Airfix plastic kits. One of a BoB, a few of mineral wagons, some tank wagons and other assorted ones. Think theres a Schools in there somewhere too.

The BoB isn’t going to be anywhere near as good as Hornby’s current model, but I had the thought that it could well be usable to make up as a loco being taken to scrap without connecting rods and other bits. Could be an interesting challenge to model. It would also be just in the right era too for the Chilmark inspired layout.

A train of a few old locos destined to become tincans trundling past forelornly could work out well perhaps?

First I’ll get on with building the Parkside CCT vans I have though.

Before that I need tea!


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