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Slow week…

So today has been a bit of a slow week. Monday my best friend Natalie popped over and we discussed West Cromwell Road and the plans there of.

We also watched on of the Model Rail DVDs (loco detailing iirc), which I found quite good, though it felt a little short, but that might just of been me not paying attention whilst Natalie was here perhaps. Will have to give it another watch sometime.

Tuesday I had intended to get back after so many years away to doing some modelling. It never happened, as after I’d done the food shopping, checked on a friends’ house (as he is away) and put the rubbish out I was too knackered and in too much pain to do more than make cheese and tomato on toast and a cup of tea.

Today I woke up too tired and in too much pain to do much really either.

I have however uploaded 4 albums of photos to flickr and rmweb!

They are from:

Had a good time at each of the above. the LWMRS show was followed up by their open day, which Natalie and myself went along to. It was a great day out, and we both will when time/health/money allows both go along and join I think.



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