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APA boxes for West Cromwell Road?

Recently I’ve been giving thought to what to use for the boards/storage for West Cromwell Road.


I had initially thought about using a combination of plywood and foamboard. Whilst this would be very light, with my health, it’ll require more effort and time. I intend to use it for the Chilmark layout however as the IKEA APA boxes I’ve decided upon wouldn’t be suitable for that layout.


So, yes, I’ve decided to go down the IKEA APA box route. As they’re cheap (£10.99 each) and not very big they seem like they could be the idea compromise between size and convinience for me. And if they don’t work out I get extra storage for my flat 😀


The plan is to use two APA boxes for the scenic portion, and one for the fiddle yards/storage. They should be able to be stacked on top of each other in a corner out f the way when not in use also.


When I get around to ordering one I’ll have chance to look and see how easy/difficult to use they might actually be before taking a saw/drill to one.


I rather like the idea of the layout being a few seperate modules that are mostly self contained. The idea with West Cromwell Road is to keep it fairly simple anyway.


Basically it will be the steam shed, based upon Lillie Bridge (2 roads), with a coal staithe etc and a 4 road electric car shed, which is opposite the steam shed. It will be fronted by a retaining wall, which the District Line would pass beneath, but won’t be modelled. Natalie is working on plans at present, and one will be uploaded when she has finished it.


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