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Aviation and Military modelling

I’ve been into aviation and military modelling longer than I have model railways really.

As a kid, my father kept trying to get me interested in helping build a layout, but I was often more interested in building a Spitfire, or a Lightning. As well as various other types of subject.

Interests wise, my main interest is really as follows:

  • RAF WW2 fighters, bombers, support
  • RAF Cold War fighters, bombers
  • WW2 German Luftwaffe
  • Cold War USAF
  • Soviet/USSR

It could be seen as almost an order of preference, although I like the first two in equal measure. There is something magical about both an Avro Vulcan flying past and the sound of a Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine.

I have thought of getting back to doing more aircraft modelling recently.

I only have however an Avro Vulcan kit presently. But that is too big atm to try to attempt, but I will do it one day. I might make use of it for a Cold War nuclear deterrent readiness type diorama.

I think I shall likely get something like a Hawker Hurricane, a Supermarine Spitfire or a De Haviland Mosquito. Maybe even an E.E. Canberra or E.E. Lightning and make a few small (1/72nd scale) dioramas with them. I think a Lightning being readied for take off could make an interesting little diorama, likewise a Spitfire, perhaps being serviced.

Lots of ideas, but lack of funds, and lack of health limit what I feel I can do however. This greatly depresses me to some extent really.


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