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West Cromwell Road stock thoughts

Been giving some though to West Cromwell Road again today, whilst not being able to get much else done due to being too ill.

The main stock/train movements is going (possibly) to consist of:

  • LT pannier tank (ex-GWR 57xx)
  • Rolls-Royce/Sentinel ( 0-6-0DM (Judith Edge Kits) [3 acquired by LT 1971, 1 at Lillie Bridge, replaced Panniers]
  • Ballast motor/battery loco with engineers train stock (ballast hoppers, crew carriage)
  • Pilot motor
  • Weed killing train/de-icer
  • Breakdown/recovery train?
  • Track replacement train?
  • Other LT steam stock as I determine what stock was around at the time chosen (early-mid 60s)
  • Possibly some underground stock, forget what stock exactly, as in later years the electric shed was used to house stock as well as engineers trains
  • coal wagons for loco coal delivery from BR

There are probably others, but they escape my mind presently!

In the case of the LT pannier, I have a Mainline 57xx I plan to convert to the LT L9x type. It’ll need the following doing:

  • Trip cocks adding
  • Paint stripping and repaint in LT loco red
  • Renumbering as L9x (not decided on actual number)
  • Cab roof/profile altering to match LT version
  • Other detail enhancements to bring the model up to scratch
  • Replacement wheels to cope with fine scale track

Some might say ‘why don’t you buy the Bachmann one?’ and I would agree if I could afford it. Besides, doing the conversion could be a fun exercise. I may well get a Bachmann one at a later date to complement the fleet and relegate the Mainline one then to a lesser role on the layout however.

There were other steam locomotives that LT had, but I’m not certain which ones are available in model format or if they were at Lillie Bridge ’60-’65? more research is needed on that.I know they had a few Peckett saddle tanks, and maybe a hunslet tank. They had a few other oddities stock wise, which I might well try to model. Such as this!

I’m not sure if there was any of the former Metropolitan Railway locomotives/stock at Lillie Bridge at that time or not, but some models of some of them are available I believe.

EDIT: Seems all apart from the E and F classes of the A-K Met classes had gone before the early ’50s. And the E and F went by ’61/’62. Not sure about the Met Peckets though, think they might of gone about the same time or sooner, need to research a bit more.


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