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What would you do with $1m to spend??

A recent RMweb posting pointed to a YouTube video of an american model railroad that supposedly cost $1m.

Before watching, be warned the video is very poor. Not in quality, but in the camera being moved around suddenly and fast. Very headache inducing I found. I couldn’t watch it all as a result!


Personally I wasn’t too impressed by it, but it didn’t in fairness seem to be completed either.

But, quality and such like aside, the question of this post is this:

What would you do if you had $1m (approx. £632k/€760k) on a model railway?

Personally I think I’d build a finescale representation of London Charring Cross or London Cannon Street, complete with the underground underneath, maybe even out to London Bridge.

Well I’d have a huge budget, and if I could afford to spend that sort of money on a layout, then I’d assume I could afford a VERY large space to put it in!

Then again would I keep it to just railways? probably not, a squadron of Avro Vulcan bombers ready to scramble, or English Electric Lightnings ready to scramble to intercept a probing Russian Bear?

Well I can dream can’t I? 😀


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