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Illness stops play

There is a saying in Cricket ‘Rain stops play’. [I don’t like or watch cricket myself].

In my case, recently it has been my ill health that really is stopping play.

Too much pain, too tired all the time and not sleeping well don’t make for making even the slightest attempts at doing any kind of model making.

Adding a head cold on top of that doesn’t make me feel too good either!!

I have however watched the Right Track DVDs I bought and done a bit more research and discussion with Natalie on the layout plans. They’re starting to formulate better in both our minds and I am really excited by the prospects they bring.

Last week, however, did bring a trip to the Leamington and Warwick Model Railway Society’s club rooms on on of their members’ nights. Unbeknown to us, it was an EGM they were holding, but we kept quiet and out of the way and they were gracious enough not to turn us away.

I have been amazed with how welcoming and friendly they all are, and how relaxed things seem to be. Myself and Natalie are both loooking forward to joining properly when our respective funds allow and becoming active within such a group should prove beneficial to us both.

Whilst there we took the opportunity to have a look at their club layouts, which are rather impressive. Natalie tried out my new smartphone camera and took nearly 400 photos! some of them I’m quite impressed with. I shall probably when I feel better upload them to flickr or rmweb or both.

On the horizon is a few shows/events we’re going to goto:

  • 10th/11th March – Acton Depot open day, London,
  • 18th/19th March – Nottingham MRS, Nottingham – this was very good last year I felt,
  • 24th/25th March – Fetival of Mode Railways, Alaxandra Palace, London,
  • 29th April – SWAG RMweb members day, Taunton – again was very good last year.

Apart from Acton, we both went to these events last year, and photos of them are on my flickr and rmweb galleries.

I’m rather looking forward to Acton, it has been a little while since I last went, but it is alwas a good day out and features a subject that interests me a lot. The London Underground has such a long and diverse history after all! and I did grow up in London (albeit South London, where the Tube didn’t reach at that point in any shape!).


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