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Still ill, and some news

So I’ve been really rather ill again last week, not really managing much more than existing from one day to the next.

This is sadly rather normal for me sometimes, being the nature of my illness (fibromyalgia). But I try to see the positives when I can, however small.

Yesterday afternoon provided one positive, meeting up with some friends and catching up and having a pleasant time.

Other things like 2-3 hour phone calls to Natalie (my best friend), making full use of the 2000 or so minutes I get on my phone contract make a big difference too. [Note to self: need to phone Natalie again soon].

I’ve been itching to get to working on modelling projects, but the reality is I am just too ill at present to really do much. This frustrates the hell out of me, but on the other hand I read a lot and watch a lot of telly instead!

Speaking of telly, been watching, with interest the BBC’s The Tube program and enjoying it.

Moving onto other matters though there has been some interesting news in the world of publishing and model railways. These I was first alerted to reading grahammuz’s blog post today.

First, Ian Allen Publishing has sold its magazine division to Key Publishing Ltd.

This includes titles such as Classic Aircraft and Hornby Magazine.

Secondly, RMweb, my favourite community website for model railways has become part of the Warners Group, publishers of British Railway Modelling and organisers of the London, Doncaster and Peterborough Model Railway shows.

These are both interesting and exciting items. It will be interesting to see how Hornby Magazine develops of changes over the next few issues in light of the new ownership. This will influence my decision as to whether to continue to subscribe to this magazine. Part of this decision will be financially based however.

The news is positive about the RMweb purchase by Warners Group I think. It will give it a good solid platform for growth and make sure it has a solid stable future in terms of hosting and financial support.

I look forward to seeing RMweb continue to grow from strength to strength as a result and am glad of the informative announcement.


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