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Nottingham Model Railway show

So last Sunday Natalie and myself went to the 2013 Nottingham MRS. Unlike previous years, due to redevelopment of the previously used sports centre, the exhibition was held at the school nearby.

This proved for me to be bad. I’m disabled and as such lots of walking is painful and tiring. The first issues were that of parking, there wasn’t any left by the time we arrived (about 11.30 it so) and due to the heavy rain, parking on grass wasn’t an option. I wasn’t impressed by the security guards suggestion to take my chances on double yellow lines!

After walking to the entrance, the next problem was the toilets there. The disabled toilet was unusable and the others were a mess. After a cup of tea and some chips to rest and warm up thing improved thankfully.

There was a nice mix of exhibits, although the amount of spread distance wise was for me horrible. I couldn’t fault the traders or exhibitors though, all proving friendly and helpful. The exhibition staff were similarly helpful.

I’d resolved not to spend too much at the show as the day before had seen me at the NEC for memorabilia and comic con (a great, of tiring and expensive day!). I managed this and only bought  a detail set for the hornby 466 (I need to source another as I’m making a 465), a couple of books (one on narrow guage, the other on coal workings) and a digital multimeter. A nice enough haul I think!

I had a number of interesting conversation with some traders and exhibutors, particularly the show rack layout and wolfsberg.

So, in summat, despite the weather and despite the obvious draw backs of the venue, I enjoyed the day as always, though sad not as much as previous years. Will I go next year? Possibly not sadly.








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