Long time no post!

I managed to forget about this blog for a variety of reasons. mainly my health and a house move meant I forgot about some things such as this blog.

Anyway, recently I’ve been thinking about the various plans Natalie and myself have come up with.

We’ve recently been attending some shows including ExpoEM, Ally Palace, ExpoEM North, DEMU Showcase and this past weekend Warley.

So far the most likely plan to come anywhere near to being a reality is one based upon Woolwich dockyard.

Stock vaguely on the workbench includes a 465, 4EPB and a few others. Also thoughts are in place about getting a 4DD etched.

All of these depend on finances as ever.

The decision has been made to go with EM and I’ve since joined the society (hence ExpoEM and ExpoEM North ) .

I’m hoping I might be able to get something started on baseboards in the new year with staggering the buying of modules. I’m also considering having them double deck for storage of stock underneath, how viable that will be I’m not 100% sure so may well drop the idea. The plan is fairly simple at least being double 3rd rail track with one siding and a level crossing  (on separate module to allow for variety later).

Planned control is dcc, originally we were going to go with the NCE powercab, but It is liable to be too expensive at this time. so initially I suspect going with something like the SPROG.

That’s all for now. hopefully more updates in the new year.


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