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An untitled P4 project

As previously mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been working on a new plan recently.

It has as yet not got a name, but a plan has been drawn up. I’ve been discussing progress over on rmweb as usual.

However, to recap here:

The Origins of the plan:

Originally it was envisioned it’d fit in the 4’8.5″ of the standard gauge workshop, but working on various plan options and then deciding what would be preferable, it quickly became clear that that would be insufficient for what we’d like to run on it (2 car DEMU/DMU/EMUs, push-pull sets etc). So it has grown a bit.

Early planning:

The first plans we came up with was thus:


Inspiration for the plan came from reading a recent BRM article on Drewry Lane, the plan looked like it would work. It was however decided that it didn’t quite work, and it also didn’t factor in storage. This was around 6ftx1ft + storage of around 2ft.

Then after a bit of thinking, it changed a bit to this:



This gives better room to feature a 2 car EMU/DEMU/DMU or a pushpull set, as well as the freight options. It grew to around 8ftx1’6″ including hidden storage as part of it, hidden behind a partition, with a sector plate or cassettes for the storage, giving 2ft of storage room. Although if pushpull is to be used, then more than 2ft would be needed, which would make cassettes more preferable as a small extension to the area would be easier to accomodate for a longer cassette than changing the sector plate.

Some tweaking is still needed, and quite how the oil depot and other parts on the plan will turn out is undecided yet. We’ve not also finalised where in the country it will actually be ‘based’, though most definitely somewhere in the former SR/BR(S) areas.

So with that, it will likely be set around mid-late 60s, and likely feature BR green/blue and the last remnants of steam, to give a bit of extra interest.

Finalising the plan:


Not really updated this thread for a while, so some updates…

Due to the SSD on my desktop dying randomly on me, I have lost the previous templot files for this plan. However, we’ve revised the plan a bit, so they’d not bear much relation to the templot files anyhow.

The revised plan is based on Shepperton. The loose plan is that it will be suitable (with subtituted buildings/features) to represent Western, Central and Eastern sections of the SR/BR(S) in the mid-1960s. Also this should allow the era to move forward (within reason). Elements of the New Romney branch are being researched for this reason.

I’ve drawn a rough diagram in inkscape.
At the top is the oil terminal, the goods yard facilities being on the bottom left.

The right curves round to go under a bridge or short tunnel, going into storage sidings, forming the layout as an L rather than the previous — type arrangement.

Provision has been made for the layout to be expanded to the left at a later date, with the track intending to extend to the board edge, but with a buffer stop just past the platform.

The decisions then are twofold:

  • Whether oil terminal changes position, or entire side of the layout (possibly moving to the bottom right hand corner)
  • Whether there is room enough for the number of sidings.
  • Whether to order a 3ftx2ft board for the end to take the track around to an L shape for connection of fiddle yard (probably traverser).
  • Orignal plan was for a 2ftx2ft board with fiddle yard hidden behind part of a scenicbreak. This would have left only 2ft for train length, L shape giving scope for upto 4car units and loco + 3 carriages
  • 3ftx2ft boards I currently already have 5 of (for the Woolwich layout) so to speed things up I can nab one of them.
  • How much curvature is possible and still within tolerances to get the track around to form the L.
Hopefully now I’ve picked up some more C&L P4 flexible track I should be able to get the boards out and lay the plan out (with EMGS P4 track templates for now) and see what works and doesn’t. Suspect the oil terminal and sidings will get moved around when we do this (hopefully this week after I’ve recovered from the Leamington show!).

Spent a little bit of time with Natalie playing with lengths of track, boards and EMGS P4 templates.

2017-03-09 17.30.42 rotated and cropped
Working out the curves to form the L shape on a 3ftx2ft board. The curves might fit. I will likely look to order another board from Tim Horn so as the dowels line up. (roughly)

2017-03-09 17.29.59 rotated and cropped

Working out the curves to form the L shape on a 3ftx2ft board. The curves might fit. I will likely look to order another board from Tim Horn so as the dowels line up. (roughly)

Still some work to do on it, but a better idea of how it might work is now in our heads.

2017-03-09 17.40.52 rotated
Trying to get the run round figured out with a 73 used to gauge lengths.
2017-03-09 18.07.42 (Medium)rotated
Roughly overlaying of templates to see how a inside single slip would work in place of the combinations of A and B points.
2017-03-09 18.07.03 (Medium) rotated
With a single slip and access to the parcels platform being looked at.
2017-03-09 17.53.05 (Medium) rotated
I originally wanted to avoid having to build a slip until I’d gotten confident building points, but for space a slip might work better…
2017-03-09 17.42.02 (Medium) Rotated
A 50 used to gauge the length needed for the run round, an unlikely loco to turn up, but used for the size more than anything else.
2017-03-09 17.26.21 (Medium) - rotated
Using some old Mk1s and a 92 to gauge length and space needed. Obviouslly a 92 is both too modern for the 1960s era and longer than anything that is potentially to arrive.
2017-03-09 17.12.16 (Medium) rotated
Laying out the station roads initially. Roughly.
2017-03-09 17.12.25 (Medium) rotated
Laying out the station roads initially. Roughly.

More planning tweaks will be needed, but we now have the idea down. The planning as above identified the need to extend by 3ft rather than the original plan of 2ft, and a 3ftx2ft board has been ordered, with the correct dowel holes to line up with the 3ftx1ft6″ boards. Provision has also been made for another 3ftx1ft6″ board to be added the other side of this by having dowel holes cut in place rather than fiddling at a later date altering the board. Holes will also be put in place to allow a 4ft traverser to connect.

Although C&L track has been used for the planning, the aim is to use Exactoscale track and points for a better (imo) look.

Previous planning has been done using Templot, but Natalie finds that difficult to understand and prefers the paper template and bits of track to visually plan the layout.

As it is based on a real location we have most of the layout of the plan already drawn, but it needs tweaking for thesize available.

Things always seem to evolve when I’m planning them! it started as a small 4ft8″ layout plan, and has grown to 9ft, but that is mainly for interoperability of 4car units and 3carriage+ unit formations (which will look more realistic too).

Most stock will be of the 2HAL, 2BIL, etc type and 71, 73, 74 and 33s mainly, with probably the odd 47 turning up and a SLW 24 (or two) as well.


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