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2016 Shows

Having not been updating here very much of late I’ve been a bit behind in writing up reports of shows I’ve attended. Rather than adding a load of talk about each show, I’ll link to photos and write a small amount for each of them and linking to flickr albums below. As usual I attended with my best friend Natalie, helping to spread the load somewhat.

February & March

Starting with last years Diesel & Electric Show, held in Telford. This was organised by the publishers of Rail Express magazine. Unfortuately it wasn’t seemingly popular enough for them to go ahead with it for 2017 and beyond, though they might of course revisit that decision later on.

Rail Express Diesel & Electric Show 2016

This was followed by the Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society Show. Held for the first time at its new venue, it was a great show. Often sadly overlooked a little, but usually well attended all the same.

Leamington & Warwick 2016

Then came the Festival of Model Railways, held by Warners Publications and the MRC at Alexandra Palace, London. This has been a regular on the calander for a number of years. However this has proven to be the last time I’ll attend. This isn’t due to anything wrong by the show, etc, but more down to my health making the trip too difficult. I did however join MERG at this show, which has proven to be one of the best societies I’ve joined.

Alexandra Palace 2016


April saw us going up to Wakefield for Scalefour North. This was the first time I’d attended this show. It convinced me of two things, 1) to join the Scalefour Society and, 2) to switch to P4 from EM as it made sense. A fantastic show that taught me a lot and worth the long drive.

Whilst further to drive than London for Alexandra Palace, this proved a much easier drive and trip, and thus in future years will be in preference to going to the London show.

Scalefour North, Wakefield, 2016


2015 saw me join the EM gauge society, with the intent to model in EM rather than OO for the improved appearance of the track. It proved a great show, dispite the long drive. For 2016 we attended again and this time took advantage of the room rate the EMGS had arranged so I could attend both days. Well worth the trip!

ExpoEM 2016

The end of May saw two things. Firstly my birthday, and on the same weekend Railex, held in Aylesbury. I spent the Saturday with my other half going for a meal out to celebrate. The Sunday saw a trip down to Railex. This was the first time attending after not being able to manage it last year due to ill health. The show was as expected great, with some excellent layouts on display and plenty of trade/society support available. At Railex I also joined the Scalefour Society, not having had the funds available at Scalefour North.

Railex 2016


Another new show to attend came in June, was the Great Central Railway’s model railway show, held over 3 days, I attended helping the MERG stand for one of the days. It was a great show as I’d expected, and was a great deal on display.

Great Central Railway Model Railway Show 2016

The DEMU society hold their annual show Showcase in June, in Burton-upon-Trent. This is a show dedicated to showing the best in Diesel and Electric modelling. 2016 had a lot to live up to after the bigger 2015 anniversary show was held on two venues (Burton town hall and the National Brewery Museum). It didn’t dissapoint, with some fantastic layouts on display. I joined the society finally this year after years of not bothering due to not seeing the need for one reason or another.

DEMU Showcase 2016

July & August

I can’t recall attending any shows during July and August. I deliberately didn’t during August as it was the Discworld Convention, which is one of the highlights I love attending every 2 years, only having missed one (2008) since 2002.


September saw me driving down to Aylesbury again for Scaleforum. This was a 40th anniversary show, celebrating the best in P4 modelling. We attended both days, booking a hotel room. We helped staff the DEMU society stand there all weekend. This was the first time I’d attended this show, and it was very much worthwhile. Best in show went to Shelvington, with a working Solari train describer, excellent stuff!

Great Electric Train Show 2016

Also in September, a trip to Manchester saw us visiting Expo EM North. A great show as expected again. The show was sadly marred by someone stealing from one of the traders a hand made model, it has never been recovered sadly.

ExpoEM North 2016


There was only one show attendance during October, Hornby Magazine’s Great Electric Train Show. Natalie and myself were invited to help operate a fellow DEMU members layout, Maxwell Colliery. This was a bit of a first for me, having never before operated a layout at an exhibition before then. It was great fun to operate, despite a number of gremlins. A number of excellent layouts were in attendance.

Great Electric Train Show 2016


The nearest show to me each year is held at the NEC, Birmingham. Organised by the Warley MRC, this is the show where the big manufacturers tend to make big announcements. This year I attended with Natalie, helping staff the DEMU stand on the Saturday, returning on the Sunday as a visitor to try to see what I’d missed on the Saturday due to not finding the time to leave the stand much at all. I didn’t see all of the layouts due to too much time conversing with traders and others!

Warley 2016


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