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Leamington & Warwick MRS Show 2017 & Open Day

The first show attended in 2017 was the Leamington & Warwick’s model railway society’s annual show. This is usually an excellent show.

Natalie and myself attended both days, organising the DEMU stand. We thankfully had some much welcome help from other members this year.

Photos of the DEMU stand:

A highlight of the show was the celebration of MERG‘s 50th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, they had a cake, with the Leamington Deputy Mayor cutting the cake in a small ceremony. They also held a meeting upstairs for MERG members to meet some of the committee and a couple of talks on how MERG kits are produced and 3D printing were given, which were both very informative.

Also on display was the LWMRS’ Kineton layout, in an unfinished state, but showing off the MERG kits used for control of points and signals.

The DEMU stand was well attended all weekend, with a lot of interest shown to the APT’s on display (APT-P Hornby model, APT-E Rapido model), which on the Saturday was helped by Kit Spackman, who worked on the APT-E. On the Sunday, we had 5 members, so was a bit crowded, but the stand was again popular, with Shane Wilton’s APT and Prototype HST power cars attracting interest.

Photos from the show are on flickr below:

Leamington and Warwick MRS show 04 & 05 March 2017, Leamington Spa
Leamington & Warwick MRS show photos on flickr

Also on 18th March, the LWMRS club opened their doors for an Open Day, which myself and Natalie attended. We joined the club that day too.

It was great to get a proper chance to talk to some of the members. The hope is that being members of the club will help improve our skills, especially in relation to P4, as the Clarendon team there are very skilled, I hope to learn a lot from them!

LWMRS Open Day 2017
Leamington & Warwick MRS club open day photos on flickr

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