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York Model Railway Show 2017

For the 2017 Easter weekend, the York model railway show was held. Held once again at York Racecourses over 3 days.

This year was the first time Natalie and myself had attended for a number of years for a variety of reasons (usually distance/financial).

DEMU were struggling for people to work their stand for the weekend, so Natalie and myself agreed to do the Sunday.

DEMU stand at York Show

It was a very busy day, with quite a number of layouts in attendance and a good trade selection.

Due to being on the stand I didn’t get a great deal of chance to see all of the show, made a bit more complicated by the maze of lifts to get to the various floors it was held on in my mobility scooter. Discworld’s L-Space sprung to mind a little bit! What I did see I liked, though the usual difficulty of getting near to layouts on a scooter occurred, so some layouts I didn’t see at all due to crowds.

The layouts I didn’t manage to get near Natalie managed to at least get to to take photos of.

Photos as usual are on flickr:


York Model Railway Show 2017
York Model Railway Show 2017 photos on Flickr

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