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Bristol Model Railway Show – 28-30th April 2017

A request for help was placed on the DEMU forums a few months back by Alan Barrow, needing help operating Merryvale Road at the Bristol Model Railway Show, held in Thornbury between 28th and 30th April 2017.

Firstly some images of Merryvale Road:

Accompanied by Natalie once again we set off down to Bristol early Friday morning, arriving around 11am. Alan had set the layout up already (not being a very big layout it doesn’t take him long to set up). We got started getting used to the Roco multiMaus DCC system Alan uses.

Friday the show started at 1pm, and lasted until 7pm. This would be the first time I’ve attended as an exhibitor a 3 day event. The day seemed to drag a bit after about 5 due to how long I’d been on my feet, my back not being happy with me in the slightest. However, it was an enjoyable day. After the show finished we retired to the hotel via a carvery, which was lovely. A rather late night before getting to bed however.

Saturday didn’t start too well, with both Natalie and myself being too tired to get up in time to make breakfast! oops. However, it wasn’t really a problem as Alan had a club member helping him for the Saturday and Sunday, so we weren’t required as much. Another tiring, but fun day ensued. Another carvery before going to the hotel for the night was consumed.

For the Sunday, we got up in time for a rather lovely breakfast after a much better night.

Over the course of the weekend I spent some time talking with various traders and others in relation to DEMU and Update magazine. Productive time I felt.

It proved to be good fun operating Alan’s layout over the course of the weekend. I felt we came away having learnt some things, and decided on a few things to try to avoid. I also took the time to talk to some other exhibitors in relation to their experience with P4 which proved helpful.

More photos from the weekend on Flickr:

Bristol Exhibtion 2017


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