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Further curvature thoughts…

A bit of further planning has resulted in some plan changes around the curves, mostly around the case of the points/crossover areas. The image below illustrates the changes made.

The notes on it are for using it as a print out to discuss things at ExpoEM tomorrow and Sunday.

The sidings at the bottom right and the extra siding by the bay (actually going to be a fenced off area for parcels/goods rather than passengers) are subject to change atm. Not decided what will go on the right sidings, possibly some goods facilities and coal staithes.


Natalie has made the following note:

“The ballast/spoil tip is supposed to be off scene and is inspired by those at East Peckham, Godstone and Farnham which survived into the 80s at least. At the real Shepperton there was a sand/ballast quarry just outside the station and served by a ground frame Lavender’s Siding (on a 1935 signalling plan and on OS maps). From what I understand the resulting holes are still there (place now called Halliwell?) and are being used (incuding as a tip) but served by lorry which cause a lot of problems/issues for local residents.. I agree that by certainly the 1980s the resultant hole would be getting filled up but feel it is a legitimate form of traffic although dwindling in more recent years.

The bay platform is supposed to be a siding serving as a parcels/sundries line. It is possible that there will be a loading dock on the other face of the track and the platform side fenced off. But as Kelly says I have to do the fine detail work to ensure that the Bot regs are complied with (such as platform width, adherence to lading guage and trap points etc.) As an ex signalman this is something that is not negotiable. Trap points need to be added- Kelly keeps missing them off! But thanks for the continued advice it is very helpful and kind of you to take an interest.


2 thoughts on “Further curvature thoughts…

    1. It will be 1959-62 to accommodate the two slw class 24s on order.

      The sidings on the right are possibly around 2ft-3ft. We’re thinking goods and or coal staithes etc.

      Not looking at loco shed/facilities really.

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