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Thinking about curves…

I have been giving some more thought to the plan in terms of the right hand side, and some changes have been needed to fit the curves in (as expected, trying to fit them into 3ftx2ft was too tight!). All part of the learning curve I guess!

Anyway, with an extra 3ftx2ft board forming the L (so 9ftx5ft+4ft traverser) it should work having played around in Templot.

I’ve printed off a couple of the plans, so I can discuss with a few people hopefully at ExpoEM.

I’ve not yet gotten a chance to sit down and start building the track (been wanting the curve situation resolved seemed best) with a lot of other things getting in the way (fiance’s 40th birthday and a good friend’s wedding, with gifts being made for both taking up time).

Anyhow, the revised plan is below:

I’ve changed the points on the curve to c8s to fit them in (it isn’t aligned quite right in the Templot plan as yet as I was mostly messing around seeing what worked, so the point template is just overlaid). And B6s elsewhere, with some A6s for sidings. No crossover/slips on this plan either! Some aspects (such as the lower most point/siding) will probably get changed.



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