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ExpoEM Spring – 13th-14th May 2017 – Bracknell

The weekend of 13th and 14th May saw the EM Gauge Society hold their annual show once again. Again it was held in Bracknell.

Natalie and myself attended once again, this time helping staff the DEMU stand over the course of the weekend.

The show usually has some of the best fine scale layouts on offer, and didn’t dissapoint. With Swaynton impressing as well as London Road.

With most of the weekend spent on the DEMU stand I got on with more work on my 4EPB and 2HAP projects using Replica and Dart Castings/MJT parts. I also took the opportunity to make alterations to one of my sets of EMU translator coaches (available from Invicta Model shop for £29.99).

The EMU translator coaches, as supplied by Invicta (made by Bachmann) have Commonwealth bogies and end gangways, which is incorrect. I fitted (with some widening of the opening) some EMU bogies to one set and fitted P4 wheels to them to test the fit of the bogies. They still need some work to make them move more freely and some bearings adding.

The EMU carriages, made using Replica spare bodies and cabs were cut to length (for carriages requiring cabs) and the sides cut out ready to later accept Dart Castings/MJT etched sides. The roofs were also smoothed off as the Replica coach bodies have weld lines that are too big and the ventilators are not as well depicted as the Dart Castings cast ones and in the wrong places for an EMU carriage. I will need to add pipes for the roof too. The same bogies as used for the translators will work for the EMUs most likely.

A small selection of photos from the weekend are below:

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The rest of the photos from the weekend are on flickr:Expo EM Spring 2017


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