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Scalefour Society AGM, Watford 18th June 2017

The Scalefour Society AGM moves around the country each year, with the North London Group hosting it this year with a small show.

DEMU were invited to the show and so Natalie and myself set off to set up the stand on what proved to be a very hot day.

The show was fairly quiet as these sorts of things invariably are. But the layouts on show were good and worth seeign (especially Bodmin).

I mainly spent the morning until the AGM itself in the afternoon converting a couple of diesels (Heljen 33/2 and 47/7) to P4 using Branchlines wheels (one axle Gibson on the 47 as I’d run out of Branchlines wheels). The conversions proved successful, though the centre axle on the 47 proved to be somewhat too loose for my liking (the same afflicts the Falcon Natalie owns) so I think a Penbits sprung chassis conversion kit for both will be needed. The layouts won’t require much in the way of 47s however, one will probably be enough for the Woolwich layout. 33s on the other hand…

Conversions like these are very simple, especially with the Branchlines wheels (as compared to the Gibson wheels I had for the 47 from the EM Gauge Society stores). Pulling off the gear from the OO axle and putting on to the new axle is all that is really required, and a wheel gauge to check the wheels lined up (with the Gibson wheels being seperate axles and wheels this is much more important), etc.

Natalie and myself took a number of photos, with plenty of access to the various layouts kindly given for photographing bits people usually don’t see much of.

As usual photos are on flickr:.

Scalefour Society AGM 2017


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