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P4 Layout changes, MERG, and shows

Not done a great deal on the P4 layout plan due to other committments recently.

However, the plan has evolved a bit more to better reflect the prototype location and avoid problems with carriage siding being too sharp. Adding an extra 1 ft x 2ft and 1 ft x 3ft boards shouldn’t cause a problem I think to allow the headshunt to be longer and the carriage siding to be more useful.

The main reason for the changes were that I noticed the slip was partly straddling a baseboard join, I couldn’t manage to get the tracks to line up with it moved on to the other board and still allowing enough length for carriage siding and headshunt (as well as keeping the sharpness of the curve in check).
The bottom most siding facing left is for a coal merchant siding. The top sidings being for an oil terminal (possibly being swapped out for a aggregates/other industry terminal of some kind).

I’m thinking as steam will also be used, in the top left corner of the top right board a 12″ turntable could be installed as a hidden item to lessen handling.

What to do about the bottom right corner is still undecided, I had thought about a private miliatary siding there of some kind, but not sure if that’d be workable.

Last Thursday saw Natalie and myself visiting the Leamington & Warwick Club rooms for the evening (rude not to now we’re members!).

Saturday saw us revisit the club rooms for the MERG area group meeting held there every 3 months. It proved to be a very informative morning and afternoon, learning more about JMRI and DCC as well as other items.

I’ve been looking further into the MERG CBUS system and have got some ideas for automation (in terms of singals and points rather than train automation, but that could be arranged just as easily) and detection to limit damage from mis-set points etc as well as displaying on a panel where trains are. It needs some experimentation however.

In other news, I have Staffordshire Finescale Group’s show Saturday to look forward to and a trip to the Electric Railway Museum (which will help provide useful photograph opportunities for the Blacksmith Models 4SUB kit I have). As usual a post about the Stafford show and the ERM visit will appear along with photos.


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