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Staffordshire Finescale Group (& Friends) Show – 8th July 2017

On 8th July, Natalie and myself made the journey up to Gnosall, Staffordshire for the Staffordshire Finescale Group’s first exhibition.

A small selection of layouts were on display, including:

  • Black Country Blues – EM
    • 1970s/1980s BR blue diesels in the Black Country.
  • Diesels in the Duchy – EM
    • Based on St. Blazy in Cornwall.
  • The Mill – EM
  • Fryers Lane – P4
    • Sectorisation era small sized layout
  • Felton Lane (Goods) – OO
  • Tackeroo – EM
    • WW1 era layout.
  • The Contract – construction project – EM
    • Work in progress 1800s layout project.

As expected the quality on display was high. We’ve become more and more focused over the past few years of preferring the finescale shows over the bigger commercial shows (the likes of Alexandra Palace et al). This show didn’t dissapoint, giving opportunity to get closer to the layouts, otherwise impossible at a bigger show (I’d seen Black Country Blues at a previous show but didn’t manage getting near it at that time).

Our thanks to Staffordshire Finescale Group for putting on such a good show. Whether it occurs next year is unknown, but if it does, we’d definitely be interested in going.

Black Country Blues:

Diesels in the Duchy:

The Mill:

Fryers Lane:

Felton Lane (Goods):


The Contract (construction project):

Also on show was a small selection of rather fine Highland Railway models:

All in all a great day.

More photos are as usual on my flickr page:

Staffordshire Finescale Group - 8th July 2017
More photos on Flickr as usual.

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