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Evolving the plan…

As with all such things when designing a layout, plans evolve and change.

A quick run down on what has occurred:

  • Boards have been given a coat of while emulsion to protect them from damp (living in an old ’60s council house it is a bit of a problem in some parts).
  • All boards have been acquired for the plan now
  • Templot plan 99% finalised
  • Further stock has been acquired (HALs, BILs, EPBs and a Bulleid SUB kit)

What has yet to occur:

  • Board dowels to be added (need to purchase)
  • Templot plan to be printed out
  • Laying of cork on boards to raise the track bed
  • Track construction to begin

To the revised plan…

The layout plan is based upon that at Shepperton as below.


Shepperton 1250-2500.jpg
The slip has been removed from the plan and it now flows better thanks to help over on the Scalefour forum. Compression and introducing a curve has helped fit it in, room for a 4 car unit in the platform.
Features of the plan above are:
  • Oil Terminal [top left of the plan]
  • Parcels platform [bay platform]
  • Coal Merchants [One of the two middle sidings]
  • Carriage siding [3rd from left curving road]
  • Siding/Head shunt [4th from left road]
  • Second platform at Shepperton wasn’t used that I can assertain, so the platform probably won’t be present, but a walkway for staff use may feature.
The Oil Terminal (like all features on the layout) will be removable so it could  become a different type of siding with the right replacement buildings.
I have some track components, but need to acquire more when I next see C&L at a show. I have enough to start the straight parts, but nothing as yet for the turnouts.

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