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Finalising plans and choosing a name.

After a bout of  illness and being busy with preparing for and dealing with a new canine arrival to my other halfs house, I’ve not been to any shows or done much modelling as a result.

However, I did manage (with assistance from members of the Scalefour Society and the Templot Club forum) to finalise the plans for the Shepperton inspired plan.

The finalised plan can be seen below.

Main changes are as follows:

  • Increased gap between curved running lines.
  • Increase gap between running lines and carriage siding (3rd from left track on the top right board).
  • moved Oil terminal access to allow clearance for a 4 car unit to be stabled in the ‘second platform’ which is really a carriage siding rather than a platform in the plan.
  • Added a private siding and factories to the bottom right corner. This is subject to a bit of tweaking of what buildings/functions.
  • Lengthened and increased parcel platform width.
  • Rotated and moved plan to the left to get more room for spacing lines.
    • This caused a fillet board to be required (as shown on plan).

And finally we’ve given it a name.

The name is Eversley. It may end up as Eversley Road or something like that. Not sure yet.

Why Eversley? well, I’d been keen to have some family connection to the layout, as I grew up in SE London. Eversley Avenue happened to be the name of the road my Nan grew up on, so it felt appropriate. It was Natalie’s suggestion too.

As an aside, recently Natalie has been reading past copies of the London Transport Railway Society’s newsletters. A prominent figure in P4 modelling pops up (a Mr Brooke-Smith) in those, being one of the founder members. His address at the time (1962-1968 from the newsletters), was the other side of the Bexleyheath line to my Nan (at different times of course).


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