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Scalefourum 2017

The weekend of 23rd/24th September 2017, saw Natalie and myself return to Aylesbury for the 2017 Scalefourum show.

For those unaware, Scalefourum is the main show of the Scalefour Society.

I was eagerly looking forward to it after last years excellent show.

Layouts booked:

  • Brettell Road by Jim Smith-Wright. Industrial byway in the West Midlands
  • Clutton by Tim Venton. Model of the station of that name station on the Great Western branch between Bristol and Frome.
  • Danby by Rob Ward. The model represents Danby station on the single track Esk Valley branch line in North Yorkshire,
  • Dewsbury Great Northern by Geoff Tiffany, Brian Eves and Dave Carter. Dewsbury Great Northern is based on a real location in the Yorkshire town of that name which in pre Grouping days boasted no less than four stations.
  • Eccleston by Martin Nield. Eccleston is a work of fiction even though it is a real place and features the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in all its glory.
  • Enigma Engineering by Paul Gittins. A small shunting puzzle layout where visitors can try their hand at solving the problems.
  • Great Barfield by David Hawkins Great Eastern byway located on a fictitious extension to the Colne Valley and Halstead Railway in Essex.
  • Kettlewell by John Stocks. A ‘what might have been’ had the 1880 Skipton and Kettlewell Railway Act been implemented and a first attempt at working to P4 standards.
  • Mount Woodville Works by Rob Milliken. Mount Woodville Works is set in the mid 1960’s and represents a works producing prosalt glazed goods and fire bricks
  • Minories by Howard Bolton. Minories is the terminus of a short branch off the East London Railway, one of a number of interesting but not well known railway byways in the city.
  • Neversay by Richard Lake. Neversay is the seaside terminus of an imaginary and very eccentric coastal tramway; set somewhere in the Colonies in the mid-1950s.

Unfortunately due to illness Richard Lake’s Neversay layout had to drop out of attending.

Once again DEMU were invited to have a stand, which I accepted and along with Natalie had help from Peter Bird (thanks!). The stand got a reasonable amount of attention, with a few enquiries for membership, always a good sign.

On the stand, the 508 cab I had with me, a resin casting made available via eBay by another DEMU member generated a fair bit of interest. Parts to make 507/508/313/314/315 units are being made available via eBay gradually. Presently ends/cabs and sides are available (the same member has Wessex (Class 442) cabs/bogies available for sale, which I might well obtain at some point).

My aim is to get at least one 507/508 set, a 313 power car and a part of driving cars from these parts. The 313 power car for the 457 project that is on a very slow burn progress (it ran as 316999 with a 313 power car in place of 455/8 power car for a time). The two driving cars to for translator set T7.

Anyway, back to the show.

The show this year felt a bit quieter, I’m not sure the reason for that. But some of that might have been the increased room between layouts and less layouts that were very long/big, with more focus on smaller layouts this year.

Personal highlights of the show were Howard Bolton’s Minories layout. I’d previously seen this briefly at Warley last year and was impressed, but wasn’t able to get close enough to have a good look.

The other layouts were all equally impressive, but Howard’s layout caught my attention mainly due to the location (I’ve a soft spot for SR/BR(S) layouts, especially with 3rd rail EMUs running). Howard has working point rodding on his layout, which is impressive as well as a fully interlocked signal panel.

I bought a number of items at the show, not as much as previous years, but still some useful items I would struggle to get elsewhere.

They were:

  • Some more wheels from Branchlines, including split wheel sets for converting Bachmann EMU units. I find these wheels about the best short of find Ultrascale sets (which have a 8+ month wait usually).
  • Some more track items, including
    • Exactoscale track base items
    • A crossing jig from the society stores
    • A couple of packs of society 3rd rail pots
  • A few ex-Airfix LMS 57ft coaches – These will be upgraded and turned into an occasional item of stock as photo evidence has been found for use of them. At £5/coach they were a bargain really.
  • A few more books (as always).
  • Springing units from Dave Bradwell.
  • A big box of various pots of paints – should prove useful.
  • And various other sundries and items.

The DEMU stand was reasonable well frequented, with Peter and myself fielding questions most of the weekend, whilst he worked on converting carriages to new stock varieties and I converting some EMUs to P4 using Branchline wheel sets.

My thanks to Terry Bendell for the show invite for DEMU, and for hosting another great show. I’m already looking forward to next years show.

The next show will be the Great Electric Train Show, at Gaydon Motor Museum, 7th/8th October. I’ll be helping operate Bere Banks and Rannoch Moor with Natalie at the show.

As usual photos are on my flickr page.

Scalefourum 2017
Photos on Flickr

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