Welcome to my model making blog.

I am Kelly, aka D827. Why D827? well simply put there was a member of the Western Region BR Class 42 ‘Warships’ numbered D827 and named ‘Kelly’.

I am interested in a wide variety of subjects with regards model making.

They include (but not limited to):

  • Southern Railway/BR Southern Region
  • London Undergound
  • Military history
  • Military aviation – WW2 and Cold War period especially, mainly British/RAF.
  • Science Fiction/Fantasty – Star Trek, et al
  • Other railway items – oddball, prototypes, military/MoD, Nuclear Flask

It has been many years since I last actively did any model making and I aim to get back to doing so again. As such I am currently planning a couple of model railway layout projects with my good friend Natalie Jones, who shares an interest in LU and SR/BR (S) railways (amongst others).

As time progresses and progress is hopefully made I will update this blog/site with details of progress made on various modelling items as they occur.

I shall try to post on a weekly or fortnightly basis at least. There might be occasions when there are more than one post a day however, equally there might be occasions when I don’t post for weeks at a time due to health or nothing really happening. However this isn’t the only place I blog, I blog at geekgothgrrl.co.uk also, but that I try to keep to technical/geek type subject matter usually.

Enjoy reading!


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