About D827 Kelly

Welcome to my model making blog.

I am Kelly, aka D827.

Why D827? in the 1950s-1970s there was a class of diesel hydraulic locomotives build at Swindon Works by British Rail for the Western Region. These were given the diesel number series of D8xx (later TOPS code 42). As they were based upon the successful German designed V200 ‘Warship’ class the D800s were named after warships, and hence became known as the Warship class. One of those names was Kelly. The ship that loco was named after was a ship that served during World War 2, and was sunk during the war, being named after an Admiral Kelly. Seeing as my name is Kelly and I’ve a love of history (especially military), it seemed an obvious choice really.

I am interested in a wide variety of subjects with regards model making and more besides.

They include (but not limited to):

  • Model Railways
    • Southern Railway/BR Southern Region
    • London Undergound
    • Mod/Military Railways
    • German Railways (at present just a inkling of an idea)
  • History
    • Victorian/Edwardian
    • General
  • Military history
    • Military aviation – WW2 and Cold War period especially, mainly British/RAF.
  • Science Fiction/Fantasty- Movies, TV, Books
    • Star Trek
    • Doctor Who
    • Star Wars
    • Discworld
    • Marvel/DC
  • Other railway items – oddball, prototypes, departmental, military/MoD, Nuclear Flask

It has been many years since I last actively did any model making and I aim to get back to doing so again. As such I am currently planning a couple of model railway layout projects with my good friend Natalie Jones (gnatterlee on here), who shares an interest in LU and SR/BR (S) railways (amongst others).

Natalie has recently gotten herself a WordPress account, so will hopefully be posting here at some point as she has a lot of technical knowledge I rely on, especially signalling.

As time progresses and progress is hopefully made I will update this blog/site with details of progress made on various modelling items as they occur.

I shall try to post on a weekly or fortnightly basis at least. There might be occasions when there are more than one post a day however, equally there might be occasions when I don’t post for weeks at a time due to health or nothing really happening. However this isn’t the only place I blog. I also blog at http://bionicgeekgrrl.me.uk, my craft and jewellery blog, where I post what I’ve been up to in terms of jewellery I’ve been making, etc, usually as gifts for friends and family using clay, beads and wire-work.

Enjoy reading!


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