Aviation & Military

Since a young age I’ve been interested in history. Military history fascinated me, especially aviation during WW2 when the RAF went from being a scorned upon service to an essential war machine, with new tactics and aces. WW1 and WW2 especially changed the way wars were fought. As a result of this, after WW2 air dominance became a key military strategy and it still is.

The Cold War period also interests me, and the secret projects that occurred during this time. Also planes such as the Avro Vulcan and English Electric Lightning, which are some of my favourite aircraft emerged from this time.

I like history generally. I often find myself looking stuff up on Wikipedia – not the best source perhaps in some cases, but the easiest – when watching films or television programmes. One day I might try to do a degree in History, when my health is a bit more stable perhaps.

When I was younger I used to goto air (and military) museums and air shows, Biggin Hill Airshow a prime regular as I was in the Air Training Corps as a teenager and did want to join the RAF at one point, but realised several things counted me out (bad knees, non-20/20 vision, height). As an air cadet I got to goto various RAF bases around the country for the Squadron’s annual camp, which often as great fun and sometimes lead to interesting plane rides (HS125 at RAF Northolt (32 Squadron) was fun!). Also my squadron often did the crowd control for the Biggin Hill airshow, so I got to see the shows for free most years, and I was ahead of the crowd line, but often wished I had ear protection with the russian Sukhois and the Avro Vulcan XH558 doing their displays!!

In recent years I’ve not managed to make it to many museums or airshows sadly as I find my budget just doesn’t stretch to it, or I’m not well enough. However in recent years I have managed the following:

Photos of the above can be found on my flickr page.

Hopefully at some point, I’ll get to goto the  Cosford museum sometime and see the Cold War exhibit there.

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