Aviation & Military Modelling

In the past I was more interested in making model planes than model trains by far (much to my father’s annoyance at the time as he was more interested in trains than planes).

They were often (at a younger age) quicker to build and more engaging than trains, as I found I preferred the model making side rather than ‘playing’.

I built in mainly 1/72 (aircraft), 1/76 (military vehicles and figures) , 1/48 (aircraft) and 1/35 (military vehicles) scales.

In terms of aircraft it was mainly world war two and cold war items of either British, German or US origin, with occasional Russian items (such as Sukoi and Mig).

In terms of military models, it was mainly world war two, often to accompany the aircraft, but sometimes as small self contained diorama.

Sadly, the models never survived my moving out and ended up in the bin.

At present I have no aircraft or military models, and lack space to display them at present also. But I do wish to get back to making them again at some point soon.