Waiting for the train… Take 2.

Found this pic on ousevalleymodeller.wordpress and thought it might be of interest. Shows a subway entrance. Something like this- but with a gate to close it off- would be useful on Eversely Green as it would likely be the means of access to the disused platform as there was no footbridge.

Ouse Valley Modeller

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A long while since updating..

A bit of an update as it has been a while. As can be seen if looking here, progress on the Woolwich/Charlton P4 layout has sadly stalled for the time being. This is mainly due to working on something else to get used to working to P4 standards and also due to funds (or lack… Continue reading A long while since updating..


Long time no post!

I managed to forget about this blog for a variety of reasons. mainly my health and a house move meant I forgot about some things such as this blog. Anyway, recently I've been thinking about the various plans Natalie and myself have come up with. We've recently been attending some shows including ExpoEM, Ally Palace,… Continue reading Long time no post!


Looking ahead…

This coming weekend sees me going once again to Alexandra Palace for the London National Railway Exhibition. I'm rather looking forward to it as I always do, though as my health is continuing to decline, I suspect I'll be rather tired and in a lot of pain by the end of it! I'm looking to… Continue reading Looking ahead…

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Still ill, and some news

So I've been really rather ill again last week, not really managing much more than existing from one day to the next. This is sadly rather normal for me sometimes, being the nature of my illness (fibromyalgia). But I try to see the positives when I can, however small. Yesterday afternoon provided one positive, meeting… Continue reading Still ill, and some news

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Something a bit different!

Years ago I used to paint Games Workshop miniatures. I don't think I was too bad if I say so myself 🙂 I used to have lots more. But sold most of my figures off when I recovered them from my parents house. These 3 were all I kept. I think they were the best… Continue reading Something a bit different!