Nuclear Flask Depot/Layout

I’ve not come up with a name as yet for this idea, but it is something I wish to do.

I’m currently researching flask trains by BR, foreign imported flasks/nuclear material, and the MoD/Military Navy nuclear reactors/materials.

I’m thinking of setting it in the 60s, or maybe the 80s. Unsure as yet. Either gives a few interesting stock options.

I fancy building one of the large 8-axle flask carriers. An imposing beast if there ever was!

As yet no firm decision on location has been made. Therefore at present it is just thoughts and research so far.

However thoughts are one of the following:

  • Power station or flask transfer from rail to road depot,
  • Naval transfer depot

The Naval one appeals because of the military aspect. But more research is needed to determine what it might entail and whether it is at all feasible.

I think, however it would be quite small and small train formations (loco – barrier – flask – barrier – brake van) to keep it manageable.

I’ll update this page when I think of more details, or come up with a firm plan.

At present, work on this is on hold whilst the P4 project is worked on.

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