P4 Project

In recent months, thoughts have turned towards making a small (ish) layout based in the Southern Region somewhere. As a couple of SLW Class 24s have been ordered, the time period is set around 1959-1962 (the time the Class 24s were on the Southern).

The layout will feature:

  • DCC – MERG
  • CBUS – Also MERG
  • P4 track
  • 9ft long by 1ft6″ wide, expanding to 2ft width for the storage sidings
  • Prototypical operation and signalling
  • 1959-1962 period
  • EMUs, DEMUs, diesels, electro-diesels and steam will likely feature

The boards have been purchased (except one at the time of writing and the storage board) and track building/laying is to commence sometime soon.

Some photos of the current progress below. Mainly track planning and a rough skecth so far. I had planned it in Templot, but the ssd in my desktop computer died, losing the files I’d yet to back up, oops! Progress is likely to continue at a fairly slow pace due to health and financal restraints.

Keep an eye on the blog catagories for more updates.

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