Eversley Road* – P4 BR(S) layout inspired by the Shepperton branch

Recently we’ve been working on a ‘small’ layout plan, based upon the Shepperton branch as inspiration. The station and goods facilities of the plan either mirror or partly mirror the prototype, with the rest compressed and altered to fit within the constraints of size.

As a couple of SLW Class 24s have been ordered, the time period is set around 1959-1962 (the time the Class 24s were on the Southern).

The layout will feature:

  • Control
    • DCC – MERG
    • CBUS – Also MERG
    • JMRI/computer control
    • Physical control panel and miniature lever frame also
  • BR Southern Region/Southern Railway
    • 1959-1962 period initially – the plan is buildings and other features will all be removable due to necessities of storage limitations. This has the bonus of allowing for changes of era to allow more modern or older stock to run, with some necessary compromise due to the initial period.
    • 3rd rail EMUs (2HAL, 2BIL, 2/4EPB, 4SUB, 4VEP, 4CEP, etc), DEMUs (3H, 3D, etc), diesels (Class 24, 33), electro-diesels (73) and steam (H, M7, Q1, Schools, N, U/U1, etc).
  • P4 18.83mm gauge track
  • 9ft by 9ft (including 4ft Traverser) L shape layout. 1ft 6″ wide, increasing to 2ft wide.
  • Prototypical operation and signalling
    • eNtrance/eXit panel type features
    • route setting
  • Bullhead track, with some sections flat bottom to represent modernisation starting on the line.

The plan has been drawn out in Templot and after a number of revisions and discussions with people more knowledgable than either of us about modelling in P4 (hence the large number of revisions!).

The boards have been purchased (except one at the time of writing and the storage board) and track building/laying is to commence sometime soon.

Now that the boards have had a quick coat of emulsion, thoughts turn to building the track, which I hope to start soon. The next phase will be buying of track components, which is slightly hampered by C&L Finescale not being up and running for online ordering yet after the recent change of ownership. But I can make a start with what I have already, and

Some photos of the current progress below. Mainly track planning and a rough skecth so far. I had planned it in Templot, but the ssd in my desktop computer died, losing the files I’d yet to back up, oops! Progress is likely to continue at a fairly slow pace due to health and financal restraints.

We’ve finally given it a name, Eversley Road*. The name has family connections for me. My nan for most of my childhood lived on Eversley Avenue in SE London, and she was very important to me. I’d often visit and see various EMUs trundle past on the Bexleyheath line.

Keep an eye on the blog catagories for more updates.

*The Road part may change at a later date, we’re unsure on it as yet.

Finalised track plan has been drawn up:


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