Woolwich Dockyard/Charlton Junction – on hold until small P4 project is completed

This layout was started and soon got rather big. Figuring we were going to be using P4 and MERG, it was decided to stop work on this layout and work on the P4 Project layout instead in order to better acquaint ourselves with the MERG systems for DCC and layout control. Also giving more time to get used to building track to P4 standards was a bonus.

The plan originally was for a layout representing a part of the North Kent line between Dartford and Charing Cross. The part chosen was the section between Woolwich Dockyard (just after the station) and Charlton Junction, where the line splits to go to Blackheath and Greenwich.

Some compression was neccesary, so Charlton station was omitted. The intention was not to model the stations, but a single double track line, with a level crossing.

Some features of the layout envisioned were:

  • P4
  • Modular (anywhere from 6ft + storage to the current 15ft + storage and beyond)
  • Set in the Sectorisation era, specifically NSE.
  • EMUs – Mainly EPBs and Networkers.
  • Multiple eras, with changable features, era could change from the early 1990s to the 1930s-1980s, with some compromises having to be accepted.

Presently work is suspended on this project, however 5 3ftx2ft boards were purchased, so it will get built hopefully at some stage when the P4 Project is out of the way.