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DEMU Showcase, Burton-Upon-Trent June 3rd-4th 2017

Once again first weekend of June came around and that means DEMU's premier event Showcase, showcasing the best of Diesel & Electric modelling (sometime termed Modern Image by some, though personally I hate that term). Layouts in attendance this year included: Acton Parkway (4mm OO) Alderford (4mm OO) Cripple Sidings (4mm OO) Deadmans Lane (4mm… Continue reading DEMU Showcase, Burton-Upon-Trent June 3rd-4th 2017

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updates and so on

Not been posting on rmweb recently due to personal life issues (mainly health related). But have still been thinking about the plans I have with Natalie. Finally got the 25W soldering iron at the weekend at DEMU Showcase for a better price than I could find online, so was happy, as had to cancel previous… Continue reading updates and so on