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London Festival of Model Railways, Alexandra Palace

I'm a bit late writing this as I was ill for most of the beginning of the week as a result of the days exertions. As per usual I went along with my friend Natalie, who graciously did all of the driving (again). This year we went on the Sunday (26th) and I had pre-booked… Continue reading London Festival of Model Railways, Alexandra Palace

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What to do with these?

A collection of old aircraft kits that I made many years ago. 1 battered 1/48 scale Spitfire B. Might be salvageable for a downed/crashed plane perhaps. The A7 and F16 less so I think. The 1/72 spitfire, hurricane and typhoon might be OK as diorama material... The B17 also if done right. Posted from WordPress… Continue reading What to do with these?

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Old Airfix/Dapol kits, what to do with them?

So I have a small number of Dapol/Airfix plastic kits. One of a BoB, a few of mineral wagons, some tank wagons and other assorted ones. Think theres a Schools in there somewhere too. The BoB isn't going to be anywhere near as good as Hornby's current model, but I had the thought that it… Continue reading Old Airfix/Dapol kits, what to do with them?

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Starting with brass (and white metal)

[Originally Posted over on¬†] I've been wanting to make a start with making brass (and white metal) kits, and theres been a lot of helpful suggestions on the forum here - thanks! - but I'm wondering if it might be better to start getting some scraps of brass sheet and try my hand soldering that… Continue reading Starting with brass (and white metal)