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Woolwich Dockyard/Charlton Junction in P4

So, as some who follow this blog will know I've been working on a layout plan for the Woolwich Dockyard and Chalrton Junction area of South East London. I thought I'd bring the blog upto date a bit with all the details for the plan so far.   Key points of interest:   NSE 1988-1994… Continue reading Woolwich Dockyard/Charlton Junction in P4

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Track planning (with Templot), DCC and baseboards

I've been trying to get my head around using the various software available for planning and controlling layouts, namely Templot and JMRI.   I've mostly figured out Templot now I think. A rough plan has been drawn as below:   I've been trying to figure out making it a bit more condensed (due to space… Continue reading Track planning (with Templot), DCC and baseboards

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Whats in a name?

Up until now the RAF Chilmark inspired layout has been without a name This has bugged me a bit recently. Discussions with Natalie brought up the name Winterbourne. I liked it, and I feel Winterbourne Exchange feels a suitable name for the layout. I've updated the categories and the page for the layout, so all… Continue reading Whats in a name?

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APA boxes for West Cromwell Road?

Recently I've been giving thought to what to use for the boards/storage for West Cromwell Road.   I had initially thought about using a combination of plywood and foamboard. Whilst this would be very light, with my health, it'll require more effort and time. I intend to use it for the Chilmark layout however as… Continue reading APA boxes for West Cromwell Road?

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West Cromwell Road stock thoughts

Been giving some though to West Cromwell Road again today, whilst not being able to get much else done due to being too ill. The main stock/train movements is going (possibly) to consist of: LT pannier tank (ex-GWR 57xx) Rolls-Royce/Sentinel ( 0-6-0DM (Judith Edge Kits) [3 acquired by LT 1971, 1 at Lillie Bridge, replaced… Continue reading West Cromwell Road stock thoughts

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OO, EM or P4?

When originally planning about 5-10 years ago a layout based around the Bricklayer's Arms area of South London (an idea that might be re-visited at some point, it just became too complex an idea to ever go beyond planning for us both sadly, but the research was fun!!) we (Natalie and myself) were going to… Continue reading OO, EM or P4?

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Slow week…

So today has been a bit of a slow week. Monday my best friend Natalie popped over and we discussed West Cromwell Road and the plans there of. We also watched on of the Model Rail DVDs (loco detailing iirc), which I found quite good, though it felt a little short, but that might just… Continue reading Slow week…