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Whats in a name?

Up until now the RAF Chilmark inspired layout has been without a name This has bugged me a bit recently. Discussions with Natalie brought up the name Winterbourne. I liked it, and I feel Winterbourne Exchange feels a suitable name for the layout. I've updated the categories and the page for the layout, so all… Continue reading Whats in a name?

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Aviation and Military modelling

I've been into aviation and military modelling longer than I have model railways really. As a kid, my father kept trying to get me interested in helping build a layout, but I was often more interested in building a Spitfire, or a Lightning. As well as various other types of subject. Interests wise, my main… Continue reading Aviation and Military modelling

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Another plan

Decided to download Inkscape and have a go drawing a full plan. It is still rather rough and still needs more thought, but I think its starting to give an idea of whats what and where etc. Added a road section to allow lorries to load/unload from the transship shed as well as a tank/truck/vehicle… Continue reading Another plan

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Narrow Gauge module planning

Now almost recovered from Taunton I've been giving some thought to the plan of the narrow gauge module. As you can see, it is pretty simple in design: Really is just a couple of sidings and a bunker. One of the lines to the bunkers may well go to a fiddle yard off view, not… Continue reading Narrow Gauge module planning

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MOD Depot/Transfer shed planning

As well as the narrow gauge module, there will be the depot/transfer shed module. A rough outline of which i've drawn below: Unsure whether it will stay quite like that, I may take one of the storage sidings (with blast shields) out and the engine shed perhaps. So things are starting to get an image… Continue reading MOD Depot/Transfer shed planning

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Further Planning…

[Originally Posted over on] Seems I got a little confused previously. The chilmark based layout is to be a joint effort between myself and Natalie. Natalie has taken the rough plan I did and reworked it (see attachment). Its starting to come together I think now. Thinking of '39-'45 or early/mid 50s or maybe mid-late… Continue reading Further Planning…

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Plan – WIP

[Originally Posted over on] Had a play with AnyRail just now to put together a rather rough idea of the trackplan. Its pretty simple. The idea that it'll be in two phases. Phase One: Exchange sidings + Exeter mainline Phase Two: Chilmark Depot Still rather rough and might well change depending upon input from Natalie… Continue reading Plan – WIP

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Interesting Research Items

[Originally Posted over on] Whilst searching for more info on RAF Chilmark for a layout plan I'm thinking about I came across the following: RAF Chilmark visit by 28dayslater site Another visit report The photos show some interesting aspects of the Narrow Gauge railway in the facility. Not sure I'll model the NG stuff, but… Continue reading Interesting Research Items