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What to do with these?

A collection of old aircraft kits that I made many years ago. 1 battered 1/48 scale Spitfire B. Might be salvageable for a downed/crashed plane perhaps. The A7 and F16 less so I think. The 1/72 spitfire, hurricane and typhoon might be OK as diorama material... The B17 also if done right. Posted from WordPress… Continue reading What to do with these?

Aircraft · Military · Modelling

Aviation and Military modelling

I've been into aviation and military modelling longer than I have model railways really. As a kid, my father kept trying to get me interested in helping build a layout, but I was often more interested in building a Spitfire, or a Lightning. As well as various other types of subject. Interests wise, my main… Continue reading Aviation and Military modelling