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Railex, Aylesbury 27th-28th May 2017

As well as being my birthday, 28th May was also the annual Railex show, organised by Risborough & District MRC. Held each year on the May bank holiday weekend, the show attracts some of the finest model railway layouts in the country, offering a blend of high quality layouts and a host of traders to… Continue reading Railex, Aylesbury 27th-28th May 2017

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New blog

Previously I've used the blogging feature on to post updates on projects I have been thinking about or working on. I've decided to set this wordpress blog up instead as an easier area to put that and more. In time I'll put links to the photos I've taken at previous Model Railway Shows and… Continue reading New blog

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Progress.. of sorts

Still recovering from Saturday, but a fantastic day it was! Photos are edited and online. Video to follow later. Been discussing West Cromwell Road (name for 2011 Challenge entry) more with Natalie, so a finalised trackplan and arrangement has been worked out with the aid of old stock and track to get impression of what… Continue reading Progress.. of sorts

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Another plan

Decided to download Inkscape and have a go drawing a full plan. It is still rather rough and still needs more thought, but I think its starting to give an idea of whats what and where etc. Added a road section to allow lorries to load/unload from the transship shed as well as a tank/truck/vehicle… Continue reading Another plan

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Narrow Gauge module planning

Now almost recovered from Taunton I've been giving some thought to the plan of the narrow gauge module. As you can see, it is pretty simple in design: Really is just a couple of sidings and a bunker. One of the lines to the bunkers may well go to a fiddle yard off view, not… Continue reading Narrow Gauge module planning

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MOD Depot/Transfer shed planning

As well as the narrow gauge module, there will be the depot/transfer shed module. A rough outline of which i've drawn below: Unsure whether it will stay quite like that, I may take one of the storage sidings (with blast shields) out and the engine shed perhaps. So things are starting to get an image… Continue reading MOD Depot/Transfer shed planning

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Taunton; and RAF Chilmark inspired Layout moves forward a step.

[Originally Posted over on] So, firstly Taunton Wonderful event, glad I went. Long tiring drive there (for me 100+ miles is very tiring and painful), but by the time to go came, I left with a feeling that it was all very much worth it! Having better access to the layouts to actually see them… Continue reading Taunton; and RAF Chilmark inspired Layout moves forward a step.

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Layout inspirations and layout ideas; Plus some scratchbuild ideas…

[Originally Posted over on] Tomorrow sees Natalie and myself heading down to Taunton for the members day. Very much looking forward to it, will be first time I've been to one as well. Looking forward to seeing various items people have said they're taking. Recently I've been inspired a little to think of a very… Continue reading Layout inspirations and layout ideas; Plus some scratchbuild ideas…

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Interesting Research Items

[Originally Posted over on] Whilst searching for more info on RAF Chilmark for a layout plan I'm thinking about I came across the following: RAF Chilmark visit by 28dayslater site Another visit report The photos show some interesting aspects of the Narrow Gauge railway in the facility. Not sure I'll model the NG stuff, but… Continue reading Interesting Research Items

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[Originally Posted over on] Today I've been browsing the rmweb galleries and blogs and came across Tanis 1937 by Will Vale. Whilst that is pre-war German setting, it has given me some thoughts of what to do myself a little. Something along similar lines perhaps, but with a post-war British setting. Quite what setting and so on… Continue reading Inspirations